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Happy New Year – 2013!!

The Johnson Chronicles of 2012.

And Happy Birthday Linda! Great Gramma Bev came for Christmas this year and was able to stay long enough to help celibrate Linda’s birthday. A great time at the Cheese Cake Factory!

And Sam taught Grandpa how to fold a proper paper airplane

And to start off the summer there was PuttPutt Golf and of course the St. Max Festival!

And – Wow! the festival just wore us out! So Grandma and Grandpa decided to take a break and headed to Nashville and the Grand’Ole Opry for their anniversary!

                                                                                    We even saw Carrie Underwood in concert!

And the Corvette Museum!

In September we made a road trip back to Cherokee where Great Gramma Bev and I celebrated our birthdays!

And Madi added a new member to their family – Shadow the Rat!

And on Halloween, Out came the spooks as well

as Todd the Jack-O-Lantern sculpter!

                 and here we all are – a family pile!

And Madi is now playing the violin in the school orchestra. We had the pleasure of attending her Christmas concert this year and it was fantastic!! Thanks sweetheart!

Not only did Madi make her grandparents proud in concert, she also took first place on the balance beam in her latest gymnastic meet. Way To Go Madi !!

Our Christmas was at Jenna’s this year and it was a great time – well at least for most. The packages were opened, Christmas dinner had been prepared and eaten, and then poor Linda managed to catch the flu. She was very sad, and infact she is just now starting to recover a week later. A VERY nasty bug!

It was a good year for the Johnsons thanks to all the love from family and friends. Thanks to everyone for being a part of our lives in 2012, and we wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year in 2013.

1 comment to Happy New Year – 2013!!

  • avatar Lu Anne

    I thought I would just take a peek and lo and behold there you were with all your glory, children and grandchildren. Poor Linda. She got sick in Hawaii once too. Not fair. I loved everything, but the rat. Ick. lol Happy New Year, little brother. Love you