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Remembering Rosie

I was reminiscing the other day about my oldest sister Rosella Mae – Rosie is what we called her and as far I know everyone else did as well. It was her birthday, and I was rummaging through some drawers looking for a picture of her. She died way too young.

She was quite a bit older than I was so she was more like a “visiting aunt” that came to visit from time to time. She brought presents, a big smile, and huge hugs for everyone. I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old standing with my parents on the platform at our train station waving goodbye to Rosie as the train took my big sister off to school. She was studying to be a nurse.

As part of her training, she got to travel to “far away” and exotic places like Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and then she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! For a little kid growing up on a farm outside a small town in Northwest Iowa, Philadelphia seemed like the other side of the world and possibly the most exotic place there could be.

She had her own apartment, her own car, and a goofy little dog called Poopsie. One of those funny looking bug eyed little bundles that was just another member of the family. One of the first cars she owned was a Studebaker. She may have been the only one that owned one of those things, but I sure thought it was cool and she did too.

My oldest sister Rosie is gone now, but I love her still, and her memory is always with me. From left to right, this picture is of Rosie, me, my sister Lu Anne, and our mother Gladys sitting there in the front.

3 comments to Remembering Rosie

  • Wow. Great picture. I miss those two lovely ladies. What’s really weird is that my mother is younger than I am now in that picture and she’s wearing my shirt! 🙂

  • avatar Lu Anne

    And furthermore, young lady, I still have that shirt and wear it occasionally. Nice post, Keith.
    Keith mentioned once that there are very few pictures of Rosie, Keith, and I together. That’s too bad, isn’t it, because we were such gorgeous people. lol

  • And Jenna still has (but I doubt she wears occasionally) an old sweatshirt of mine from the University of Iowa. Some of the great stuff just endures forever!