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Happy Birthday Mom

For many folks in the Midwest and east, this is “digging out day”. Snow, ice, sleet, rain, wind… we’ve had or are having it all. In fact, enough already! But it’s not over. Right now in Cincinnati it is 28 degrees and I can hear my deck furniture blowing around outside because the wind gusts are 40 miles per hour. We had our furnace fixed a couple of weeks ago. Whew!! It was refusing to turn on. The poor thing was complaining that it had a pressure switch problem. Go figure. It seems the problems never end during the winter. At least we’re not Puxsutawney Phil. Can you image getting pulled out of your nice warm bed only to get thrust into weather like this just to see if you can see your shadow!! Are you kidding??

My mother was born on Ground Hog day in 1912 ninety-nine years ago. She always liked having her birthday on a fun national event. It was special to her, and she was very special to me. Mom was always busy when I was a kid. Farm life was tough. There was always something that needed doing, and very little time to get it all done. From very early in the morning to late in the evening, Mom’s hands were busy. The best part was when her hands tucked me in at night and she took time to listen to my prayers, or when those cool loving hands of hers held me when I was sick or hurt and made everything all better. There was always time for love. She took care of us all. Happy birthday, Mom! Miss you!

2 comments to Happy Birthday Mom

  • avatar Lu Anne Lizotte

    What a wonderful tribute, Keith. But what was amazing was the resemblance to your daughter. Wow,I would have said that was Jenna in one of those tintype shoppes for tourists. I have never ever seen that picture before. Thanks for posting this

  • avatar Keith

    She is pretty isn’t she? I’m not sure where I got the picture. I thought I got it from you. 🙂 The date on my jpeg is May of 2004. So I’ve had it a few years.