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Retirement – Let the Party Begin!!

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This whole retirement thing is wayyyyy too much work!

My plan had always been that when I got to retirement age I would just sort of slip into it. Not much fanfare or anything. Just sort of slip away…. Hah!!

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So anyway Todd and Jenna came over to help celebrate my birthday and we’re just sitting on the deck enjoying just a gorgeous day.

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Linda pops her head out the door and asks me to step inside for a minute. Dutifully I get up walk inside to the kitchen and there is a boat load of people in there yelling SURPRISE!! Family – Friends – Neighbors – they were all there cramming into our kitchen while I was outside with my feet up totally unaware of the world. Somehow Linda pulled off a surprise combination birthday / retirement party and I had been totally clueless!! It was a great party and apparently Linda had sent out the word that there would be no gifts but somehow a theme had started and if it wasn’t a bottle of my favorite brand of wine it was a bottle of very nice single malt scotch.

My birthday even started with breakfast in bed! Sam brought in a tray with my breakfast on it that he had made all by himself. Sliced Banana, toast with apple butter, sausage egg and cheese biscuit, with a cup of steaming hot coffee. What a kid.

And then she did it again the next day!! Two days in a row!!

While we were at church yesterday morning, 25+ people sneaked into our house!!

I unlocked the back door, walked into the kitchen and “SURPRISE” – AGAIN!! I don’t really think they should be doing things like that to an old retired guy with conditions. Suffice it to say – I was clueless again and had no idea.

This time it was old Measurex and Honeywell folks yelling their heads off. The party took on a “Measurex” sort of personality (that Jenna just loved), and once again vast quantities of adult beverages were consumed.

Linda put together a picture album that spanned from “the beginning” to “the end”. It was really quite touching. Guys wrote letters that she included and of course I did have to endure a good bit of “roasting” as well.

By the end of the party, Madi had a 55+ year old Marketing Manager doing no-hands somersaults in our hallway. Scary but definitely a party to remember.

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Thank you so much everyone!!

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DSCN4698 (640x480)My birthday and Retirement day were certainly days to remember.  From the Louisiana Jambalaya to a birthday cake that could have fed 100, I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration.

And to the most special lady ever….

Thank you, Linda!! You are the love of my life!

How you were able to put this all together and keep it a secret was truly amazing.

I’ve actually been retired now a few days and I’m finding that the learning curve for this new job of mine isn’t very steep at all.  I think I’ll be able to get the hang of this real soon so I can finally find my way back out to the deck, put my feet up, and start this retirement opportunity of mine properly – at least before cold weather sets in!! 🙂


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