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Happy Birthday Linda!

The 6th of Janauary is a very special day. So definately a day to celebrate.

Great Grandma Bev was even in town to help with the celebration so off to the Cheesecake Factory for a grand meal, some great fun, and naturally a bit’o cheescake. 🙂

Happy birthday Honey!

Happy New Year – from the Johnson’s

I do need to begin this post by apologizing for my lack of attention to the family blog this year. It just seemed as though my “day job” was always getting in the way of the “important things”.
So I thought that I would create a chronicle of 2011, and then promise (my first resolution of 2012) to do a better job keeping you updated in the future.

As always the year begins in the Winter – with SNOW, and 2011 was no exception. This sort of thing is just TOO arduous for a town as far South as Cincinnati, don’t you think? I’ve already put my order in for a more balmy 2012.

The Spring of 2011 began much better. Sam spent some of his Spring break here with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, but naturally hanging out with cousin Madi and sharing some pizza and a chocalate sundae was the best part…

We were thrilled to be invited to Sam’s birthday bowling party in Mt. Vernon. I’m afreaid my bowling skills have vanished, but we had an absolute great time anyway…

The Spring continued while Sam played Little League…and while Madi continued to compete in gymnastics…

Madi graduated from 4th grade – with Honors!! and her Grandparents were naturally extrememly proud!

July found Linda and I traveling back to Cherokee for our 45th high school class reunion.
It was great to see and talk with old classmates and do some catching up. But FORTY-FIVE YEARS! Wow, how time does fly.

The reunion was an all-class reunion so many classes were represented. One Cherokee High school grad was over 100 years young.

A Bar-B-Q at the Becker’s (thanks Angie and Russ), a huge block party in downtown Cherokee, a wonderful 4th of July party at the Patterson’s (thanks Mark and Becky), plus fireworks at the airport capped off a great 4th of July nostalgic weekend.

And then Madi turned 10!

Sam, Grandma J, and Mom visited Santa Claus Indiana!

Linda, Gayle, Jim and I took a wee trip to our Summer home in the Smokeys and tasted the locally produced beverages. We didn’t go blind but there may have have been permanent damage …

Halloween certainly brought out the Goofs… And the traditional Thanksgiving feast almost never happened…

We had been invited to spend Thanksgiving with Jenna and Sam so naturally we said yippee, fixed up some “bring with” stuff and down the road we went.

Well about two thirds of the way there Linda’s cell rings and it is poor Jenna.

Somehow she had contracted a bug of some type and the poor thing had been throwing up all morning.

She had been trying to put together a Turkey feast between sprints to the bathroom and she finally just gave up and called her mother for a “poor baby” consolation.

Jenna wasn’t sure what to do or what to tell us to do. If she was contagious, she didn’t want to expose us to the bug, but having someone around other than a seven year old to hold her head would sure be welcomed.

Well… Long story short, Jenna didn’t have a fever so… Linda and I decided to brave the unknown and keep driving – naturally stopping at the WalMart when we got to Mt. Vernon in order to pickup all things medicinal to combat puking and diarrhea.

Jenna continued to get better as the evening wore on, and all of us “doctors” diagnosed he problem as food poisoning – giving us all a bit of pause as we grazed on Thanksgiving goodies all night.

Although a day late, we were able to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday with turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings on Friday with Jenna almost well and back to normal and a much happier self.

Christmas 2011 was fantastic.
All of our children and grandchildren were able to be here for Christmas, and as a special gift, Great Grandma Bev flew to Cincinnati to share Christmas with us as well. A full house! Full of folks, full of joy, and full of love! It can’t get much better than that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Checkout our “Christmas 2011” page for more pictures of everyone as well as the joy, love, and the MESS!

We pray everyone had a very blessed Christmas season, and that everyone has a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

Our hearts overflowed this past Easter as Jenna was received into the Holy Roman Catholic Church and we were able to share the communion of our Lord together for the first time. A very special moment indeed.

And somehow, I’m not really sure how this happened, but we were able to carve out some fun time and take in a Cincinnati Reds baseball game with some friends this year. A great time – it was HOT – we won!!