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Happy Father’s Day – Pop

It was the time of the Great Depression. Mom and Dad were just married, jobs were very scarce, and money was even harder to come by. Dad had been working as a hired hand on my Grandparents farm, but those wages were not going to support his new family. So Mom took $15 dollars to get her through the winter, and Dad took off for Minnesota to the Dunwoody Institute to learn how to be a printer (lithographer). It was a tough winter for both of them, but over the next 30+ years the skills that he learned that winter raised a family.

This picture is one of very few if not the only one I’ve seen of my father “at his stone”. Before there was Kinkos, before there were copy machines, and computers, and scanners, and all the high tech gizmos we have today, my Father manually laid out the type. He ran a printing press and a linotype machine. What we take for granted today with computers and word processors he did by hand – one letter at a time.

Thanks Pop. Thanks for being there for us and thanks for being my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.