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A Tie Dyed Celebration

Every year or two our family tries to get together. It’s tough going some years. Geographically, we are a bit dispersed. Not bad like some families, but we all don’t live in the same town or even the same state for that matter. From Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and now Missouri, we try to gather together in order to celebrate Great Grandma Bev’s birthday. Eight-four years young and going strong!

Well this year the gathering was in Peru, IL. The “committee” tries to locate the event in some sort of central location. We’ve gathered across the street from the John Deere museum. We’ve taken a paddle boat ride on the Mississippi, and this year we were to BBQ under a Starving Rock in Peru, IL.

The bulk of the event was to take place at Starved Rock State Park – A gorgeous park with a good bit of history. The committee had planned park like events. There were games to be played, trails to be hiked, a BBQ to be cooked, and a Starving Rock to be explored. The weather did not cooperate. It was cold, but Aunt Gayle came to my rescue. Whew – thanks Gayle for a great Hawkeye sweatshirt!! It was raining!! Lisi didn’t mind at all. She had an umbrella and water puddles to stomp in. Rain or no rain a large quantity of T-Shirts were Tie Dyed under the roof of a convenient park shelter. You will see the picture of some of the art work on the “2010 Peru” family picture page. Young ones and older ones all participated in the Tie Dying. Maybe Uncle Jim and I did more supervising than Tie Dying, but we were there giving moral support. Even though Uncle Jim did text me while I was sitting in the car during a torrential downpour and said, “Get over here you coward!”

A great time was had by almost everyone – everyone but poor little Cali who was suffering a delayed reaction to a vaccination. She was just miserable for the bulk of the weekend, and if she was miserable, you know that Natalie and Jerry were not always having the best time either.

Even though Iowa lost, it doesn’t get much better than adult beverages, football, and 15 people on a king size hotel bed!

Thanks to the “committee” (Gayle and Linda) for struggling through the logistics and pulling it all together. We grumble, but mostly it’s just to give you guys a hard time. Thanks for all you did – it was a great time!

The Committee with Great Grandma Bev

And Yet Another Milestone

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Thank you, Sam! What a great birthday present.

See you Friday, Big Guy!!

Grandpa J