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My Roomie’s Back!!

She was gone for over a week.

The Red’s went into a loosing streak, the temperature flirted with 100°F, wild and crazy storms cascaded across the Midwest, and some of her plants died. I absolutely have no idea how that could have happened.

But she’s home now and I look forward to calmer and more natural days ahead.

The Red’s have already started winning again! I think her plants may be doomed though.

Bach’n it Again!!

Well it sounded like a good idea at first. Linda hadn’t been back home to Cherokee for a year. So with a little planning and a few days vacation she’s off to Iowa for a nice visit with her mother and sister. Well…

Check this out…

Cherokee get’s the mother of all storms last night. 100 mph winds, trees down everywhere, roofs blown off, and a 14 hour power outage.

No one hurt but wow… what a mess. And if that wasn’t bad enough…

The Reds immediately start a losing streak that knocks them right out of first place.

Love you, Sweetie. Stay safe. Sure hope you get some rest tonight!

P.S. -> Lov’n the Chinese chicken – Thanks, Honey!

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hi. We’re Keith and Linda Johnson, and as you may have guessed this web site is all about the grandchildren. Find out what’s happening in the lives of Madison Ashley Johnson (Todd and Shelly’s daughter), and Samuel Henry Buesking (Jenna and Mike’s son).

Thanks for stopping by. We’re always glad to see you. Before you go, take the time to watch a slideshow or two, and maybe drop the webmaster a note with any suggestions you may have. Hope to see you again soon.

Linda, Keith, and Family

Summertime Baseball !! Ahhh – Nothing Better!!

Sam and Jenna at a Cards Game 2010

Hi Sam – Do you know what’s better than Cardinal baseball at Busch Stadium? Give up? Need a hint? Well…

It’s Red’s baseball in Cincinnati!!

It sure looks like you’re having a great time, big guy, but we’ll definitely need to checkout the Reds at the Great American Ball Park sometime so you’ll have the “proper” baseball experience! 🙂

Love you, Big Guy!

Grandpa J

A Tomato Challenge – “There’s Always Hope”

Check out my “Little Guy” tomato!  It’s almost BLT time!

Don’t doddle, Lu. We’re coming up fast! 🙂

Can You Believe It – Madi is 9 Today!!

Happy birthday, Sweetie!

Love you!  Hope you have a great time on your special day.

Check out this picture we took of you right after you were born.  You made us all so very happy. Hey it looks like you were fine with the idea as well. What a good look’n baby you were!

Thanks for spending the 4th with us, Kiddo. You sure helped to make our celebration a very special day.

Check it out – Still look’n good at 9 years old !!

Love ya,

Grandpa J

The Tomato Challenge!

Fran and my sister seem to definitely have the “green thumb” in the family. Well… at least the the red “tomato thumb”.

But check this out – our crop is finally coming in!

To be honest, we did have an earlier tomato but it’s poor bottom was rotted off. Go figure. Anyway I think this little guy will survive.

Keep the good thoughts!