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Happy Father’s Day – Dad

For the first eight years of my life, my Dad was a farmer. We lived on a small farm in northwest Iowa. It was a magical place to grow up. The huge barn, corn crib, hog house, and machine sheds all provided endless places for a small boy to explore. I fell in love with the smell of freshly turned earth. I fell in love with the fields and the timber, and this was the place where I first fell in love with my Dad.

One of the first memories I have of my Dad was when “we” were moving hogs after the corn harvest from their hog house to a corn field. I don’t believe I could have been any older than four.

Hogs are great at picking up any dropped corn. And as hard as it is to herd a bunch of pigs, in later years I learned it’s much easier to do that than pick up those ears yourself.

After moving a pig or two, my Dad noticed that most of those animals were bigger than I was. Snatching me up in one hand, he placed me inside a bushel basket and swung that basket up on his shoulder. Dad moved the rest of those pigs with his young son riding in a basket on his shoulder supervising.

You get a great view of the world from the inside of a bushel basket – especially if that basket in sitting on your Dad’s shoulder.

Miss you Dad!

Power Washers – Urrr!!

So I’m check’n out Facebook just to see what’s happening in the lives of my “friends” and what does my lovely sister have to say about my blog….,

“…enough already with the construction . Get on with it already!” Hmmm. So… Here we go.

Sunday… a day of rest. Ha!! Anyone own a “power washer”?

I spent the afternoon buying, putting together, and using a “power” washer. I bought a 1400 psi rip snort’n back break’n Husky.

1400 psi is not a “big dog” power washer, but it’s ok for cleaning up your patio and front steps. Ohio this summer has turned into a tropical rain forest. Rain, Rain, Rain! And when it’s not raining it’s humid and hot. All of this causes steps, patios, side walks, and decks to grow dark green tropical rain forest hairy stuff.

I’ve heard about power washers, and from what I heard they are fantastic. Well… Urrrr!! I have to say they do the job, but wow what a pain in the back. And don’t think for one minute that you’ll be be able to rush through any of these washing jobs unless you want your patio to look like a Zebra. Clean stripe, Dirt stripe, Clean stripe,… slow and easy does it, and all the while your back is SCREAMING!!!

I think cleaning up around the house may take a while.

Well… using a power washer does create a pretty good excuse for taking a break and enjoying a nice cold adult beverage. Hmm.

Maybe I’ll do some more “power” washing next weekend.