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Christmas 2009

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! From what I see on Facebook, there are people that actually read this Blog from time to time, and those folks have kindly informed me that I’ve been neglectful in keeping this site up to date. I do apologize.

My sister also tells me the idea of a 5 year old snow boarding in the house because Cincinnati’s entire 1 inch snow fall melted has got to be shared. rscn1613.jpgSo…. Check this out! If Santa brings it, you just have to use it – snow or no snow!

This year we were exceptionally blessed in that both of our children as well as both of our grandchildren were able to spend the Christmas holidays with us. rscn1655.jpg Its not often “the cousins” or “the parents” for that matter have a chance to get together so this was an extra special Christmas time for us.

There were packages from Santa, wrapping paper to rip open, candy to eat, dscn1544.jpg
and Rock M Sock M Robots to relieve that extra bit of built up aggression. dscn1647.jpg

The following pictures show a bit, but check out the “Our Family Photos” menu for a full sampling of the Christmas 2009 morning magic!