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The Mid-Western Swing

The Midwestern Swing. It sounds sort of like a new country-western dance craze, doesn’t it? Actually Linda and I were able to take a few days off so we “swung” through the midwest on a 10 day family visit vacation that included Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, and now we’re back in Ohio. Whew!! I didn’t mean to slight our Hoosier friends, but we did only stop in that state for gasoline and a fine mocha cappuccino at a Terra Haute truck stop that just hit the spot.

Iowa was first. Bev and I were not able to celebrate our birthdays together this year so we made up for lost time IMG1847_Aduring this trip with football, malted beverages, fine food, and a small wager on the Minnesota – Green Bay game – and naturally I lost and Linda won the big pool!

DSCN1426_AIt was great to see Mike, Natalie, and Elise again too. Checkout Elise’s proud grandparents!

Then we were off to visit my sister Lu and her new husband Fran in southern Missouri. Checkout Lu’s blog at http://mrsfrenchie1.blogspot.com/2009/10/new-version-of-31.html.

We had a great visit. Smoked brisket, homemade vegetable soup, deep dish apple pie, and hot homemade peach cobbler to die for! A warm sunshiny day and a walk in the country – perfect, right? Well… then RSCN1475_Acame the lightning and thunder, and then the rain, and then some more rain, and then some moreeeeeeeee rain! Lu tells me they got over 7 inches while we were there. DSCN1454_A

Actually it was great. We (they) sang karaoke, we visited and did a bunch of catch up. Lu and I haven’t seen each other for over 3 years, and longer than that for Lu and Linda. We played cards – I lost – but naturally Linda was the big winner!! Urrr!! And when it was time to leave, we discovered we had a flat tire!! Checkout the pose – thanks Linda! DSCN1464_A

Somewhere we had picked up a screw in the tire’s sidewall. Just how do you get a screw in a tire’s sidewall? Anyway… Fran had an air compressor – whew!! – thanks Fran!! We were able to pump up the tire and miraculously it held all the way through Missouri to Illinois where the first order of business was to get a new tire.
The next order of business was more food! Pork roast and potatoes with enough gravy left over for fried potatoes and gravy the next morning for breakfast – I just love pork gravy – that must be why I have a very watchful wife!

It was great to see Sam and Jenna again. We had a really fun time. We went to the apple orchid. It has a spooky DSCN1377_ADSCN1493_ADSCN1472_ADSCN1473_Amaze to go through, but it was a bit toooooo spooky so we settled for Apple Cider doughnuts. Apple cider doughnuts always hit the spot. We had pizza later, and Pickles the fish got a brand new fish bowl too. Whow, what a day!

The trip back was pretty normal. No rain, no mechanical issues, and I didn’t loose any more money to my wife! Ahhhh, but the Bengals won again (albeit in the last 22 seconds. They’re turning into the Cardiac Cats)!!