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Sam’s 2nd Birthday

Samuel March 25th

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sam!!!!

Sam is two years old – Can you believe it? 




A “Blues Clues” birthday with lots of family and friends to help celebrate, and Batman may now be Sam’s new best friend!  Check it out!  Sam has his own Laptop computer!  Hmmm.  Computer engineer or Train engineer?  Decisions decisions!

Please excuse Grandma J’s confused camera. It put the wrong date on all the following pictures, and as we all know March 25th is really Sam’s birthday.

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Sam’s 1st Birthday

Samuel March 25th

Happy 1st Birthday, Sam!!!!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year? Sam still has some things to work through, but take a look at this happy little man on his first birthday.  I don’t think he was a fan of the plaster hand print though.

His birthday just happened to fall on Easter weekend this year, so naturally Sam had to endure a bunny costume complete with ears!



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Sam’s Journey


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A new family – 3/30/2004
Sam & his lamb – 3/29/2004
Kangaroo therapy with Mom – 3/30/2004
Kangaroo therapy with Dad – 3/31/2004
Sam and Dad – 3/31/2004
A size perspective – 3/25/2004
Sam wears Dad’s wedding ring on his arm – 4/6/2004
Cool Shades – 3/27/2004
Still Styling – 3/27/2004
Sam Jenna and Grandma B – 3/30/2004
Sam Jenna and Grandpa B – 3/30/2004
Sam Jenna and Grandma J – 4/17/2004
Sam Jenna and Grandpa J – 4/17/2004
Grandma J and Sam – May 27, 2004
Grandpa J and Sam – May 29, 2004
Grandma B and Sam – 6/7/2004
Grandpa B and Sam – 6/7/2004
A special moment with Grandma B part 1 – 6/7/2004
A special moment with Grandma B part 2 – 6/7/2004
Sam’s First Bottle – 6/18/2004
Sam after surgery – 6/22/2004
Sam Coming Home – July 12, 2004
Welcome home, Sam! – 7/12/2004
Sam is home! – July 16, 2004
Mom, Dad, and Sam – 8/22/2004
Mom, Dad, and Sam – Christmas 2004
Sam’s 1st Birthday – 3/25/2005
Sam’s 2nd Birthday – 3/25/2006

Sam’s Place

Sam was born March 25, 2004 at 6:27am.  He weighed two pounds two ounces, was 13 inches long, and came into this world about three months early. 

Samuel now has his own email address!  Anyone that would like to drop Sam a personal note can reach this young man at:  Samuel@LindaAndKeith.com.  I know he would love to hear from everyone.


Sam’s Journey

Sam On The Wall

Sam April 5

Sam April 16

Sam After Surgery

Sam July 25

Sam Aug 22

Sam Sep 2

Sam Oct 1

Sam Oct 23

Sam 03252005 


Sam – 12/30/2006


Sam’s First Bottle

Sam’s 1st Baby Shower

Sam’s 2nd Baby Shower

Sam and Family July 29

Sam Sept 25

Sam Oct 31

Sam 03252006



 Sam April 28


Samuel’s Time on the “Wall”


 “The Wall” is that portion of the NICU (Neo-natal intensive care unit) reserved for the most urgently critical babies. Sam was born three months early. His lungs had not developed and he couldn’t breathe without machines to help him. Samuel’s survival of more than just a few hours even on “the wall” was not expected.

The NICU at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, however, is truly an amazing place. Talented and caring doctors, nurses, and medical technicians provide each of the premature babies entrusted to them with exceptional medical care.  But what I witnessed March 25th when Sam was on “the wall” was more than mere professionalism. It was an energized intensely focused devotion to life.  And on March 25th 2004, these extraordinarily gifted and skilled people saved the life of Samuel Henry Buesking – my grandson.

On April 5th 2004, Sam was moved off “the wall”.  He has since had good days, and he’s had wonderful days.  But he has also experienced roller coaster setbacks that tear your heart out.  So we’re still cautious about becoming too optimistic.  But how can you not?

 Sam’s birth day – on “the wall”.  View this page as a Slideshow.


Remembering Carson

In Memoriam

“And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

Faith will sustain us, hope is born of that faith, and his love will always be with us.

Carson died Monday December 20, 2004.