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Madi’s Third Birthday

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Madi’s Second Birthday

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Pretty birthday girl
I like Dora…

birthday cakes…
a lot !
Was Coney Island or…
the box more fun?

Madi – In The Beginning


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Has it only been 36 weeks?
Sure. I believe you.

Oh yea. I see her now.
You’re still standing Dad!
I think it’s time to eat.

Think she’ll break, dad?
Whew! I need a nap!

Oh No! Not a bath!

Ahh! This isn’t so bad.
This is good, but…

maybe a little messy!
And so it began…
but there was a warning label !

Yea, you’re pretty cute!
but this is my favorite part…

Madi’s Journey

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Madi’s birthday – July 14, 2001
Madi – April 4, 2004
Madi & Grandma J – April 4, 2004
Madi & Mom – April 4, 2004
Madi & Dad – April 4, 2004
Easter – April 11, 2004
Madi & The Easter Bunny – April 10, 2004
I went to Grandma J’s for Mother’s Day,
and it’s really windy there,
but I like it a lot,
because I have friends there too!
One of a Kind! Madi – May 20, 2004
Madi in training- May24, 2004
Mom and Coach lend a hand – June 5, 2004
A tough workout deserves a treat – June 5,2004
And a great big hug! June 5, 2004
Taking time to smell the flowers – June 5, 2004
And I’m Proud To Be An American – June 14, 2004
Fun at the park – 6/13/2004
Just a couple’o buddies – 7/2/2004
And now I’m three! – July 14, 2004
Madi Wins Gold! – July 31, 2004
Madi, Mom, and Dad – Aug 28, 2004
Madi and Grandma J – October 3, 2004







Madi’s Place


Todd and Shelly Johnson are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Madison Ashley Johnson.

Madi was born July 14, 2001 at 12:21 am.  She weighed 9 pounds 0 ounces, and was 19 3/4 inches long.

Madi’s Journey

In The Beginning

Second Birthday

Easter 2004

Madi April 17

Madi Sept 8

Madi Oct 3  





Madison Ashley Johnson – 12/30/2006

Third Birthday

The Olympics







Madi May 20

Madi May 30

Madi Flag Day

Madi July 3

Madi Aug 28

Madi Oct 23