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Madi’s Status Journal 4/2004 – 10/2004

October 9, 2004

So there was to be a family outing.  It was the third day of October and Grandma J had made plans for a country tour.  Every year the farmers around Hamilton get together and put on a tour for us city folks.  It’s an opportunity for kids of all ages to get back to nature and see a bit’o the country side.  Horse ranches, diary, and grain farms alike display their business as well as their hospitality.

Well it was to be a grand day.  We had a map and everything.  Todd, Shelly, Grandma and Grandpa J, and of course Madison all piled into the van for a day to remember.  Hmm.

As we rolled into the barn yard of the first tour stop – an equestrian center, we noticed a conspicuous lack of cars.  It didn’t take long before we understood why.  The country tour was not until the next weekend!  We were a week early!  Well the folks were very nice and let us wonder about their horse barn for a while anyway.  A lot of the horses were gone to a horse show, but the horses and ponies remaining had personality to spare.  Everyone had a great time as well as some good photo opportunities.  Check out Madi’s new pictures for October 3.

Well since we didn’t have a tour to follow, we all ended up at a city folks farm – Parky’s Farm.  There were horses there too – and pigs!  It not like like a real farm, but definitely a great day out. 

And Madi had a wonderful time – ’cause there was ice cream!!


August 28, 2004

There’s a new mall in town!  Well, when a new mall opens up the polite thing for folks to do is stop by for a visit.  So Madi, Mom, and Grandma J decided to spend an exciting afternoon checking out the new stores.  One of those “girls” discovered that this new mall caters not only to those with check books, but also to girls that just want to have fun!  Click on the picture to left, and check out “Madi August 28” to see the rest of  Madi’s new pictures.

The ladies had a great time at the mall, but there was a shrimp and pasta dinner last evening at Todd and Shelly’s that was fantastic!  Good food, good company, and a Madi neck hug – Hmm.  Makes a Grandpa’s day!


August 5, 2004

Hi Madi.  Has this been a fun month or what?  On July 14th Madi celebrated her 3rd birthday, and everyone came to help her celebrate too!  A couple of days before her birthday, there was a party with her friends at the water park, and then on her birthday, Madi had a whole other party at home.  All the Grandmas and Grandpas were there, as well as Aunt Jennifer, and Uncle Louie too.  Oh it was a grand event!  There was ice cream and cake, and there were presents too.  Wow!  Were there ever presents!  Big packages and little packages.  Some needed to be assembled, and some were to wear (Madison was a princess complete with a crown).  There was a brand new bicycle and a John Deere tractor with a wagon attached all just Madison’s size.  And the burgers were thick and juicy.  Right Grandma M?  The food was great, Todd!



On July 31st, we all had a super great time when Madison participated in her first Olympics.  The Flip and Twist gymnastics club Madi belongs to put on their own version of the summer Olympics and Madi won GOLD!!  Each class got to perform in two events and Madison won a gold medal in each.  What a great time.  There was the balance beam as well as floor exercises to conquer and Madison performed flawlessly.

Additionally, Madi got to go to Kings Island amusement park not once but twice so far this summer.  And she was able to personally meet a lot of her Nickelodeon friends there including Dora!!  On her second visit to the park, Madi took charge of Grandma and Grandpa Mines so Mom, Dad, and Aunt Jennifer could ride every roller coaster in the whole place! 

Wow, what a month!  It’s been a great time, huh Madi?  Love you kiddo!


July 5, 2004

Wow!  It’s really been a couple of pretty exciting weeks, huh Madi?  It all started with a road trip to Sessor to celebrate homecoming as well father’s day with Shelly’s dad.  The Illinois Papaw.  And then a speed run back to Ohio in order to make all necessary preparations for another road trip to Iowa!  And this was not just anywhere in Iowa.  This was the farthest awayest northwest corner of Iowa.  The place where South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa come together.  Long trip, huh Madi?  Well it was all worth the effort because Madi got to stay in a motel, swim in a pool, and attend the wedding of Madi’s cousin Natalie as well as see everyone else invited to celebrate.  After the wedding Madi even got to dance with her daddy and her mommy and even the bride and groom!  Ah, but the best part was when Madi danced with me.  I even got a great big Madi neck hug too!

Well, the wedding was soon over and we all had to face that 15 hour road trip back home.  Urrr!  It went pretty fast though.  At least for Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma.  Because Madi got to ride with us almost all the way back to Cincinnati.  What a fun trip!  That gave Mom and Dad some well deserved time to just sit back relax and enjoy the ride in their car.

Great Grandma Bev is always up for a shopping trip so Madi had an opportunity to experience power shopping first hand the past few days as well as being treated to a great night out at a local restaurant.

Then came yesterday.  The 4th of July.  With steaks on the grill, a Madi beach on the deck, and fireworks at night!  I think Madi might even be a bit horse this morning from all the squealing, screaming, oooing, and ahhhing while she tried to watch all the great fireworks shows that were going on.

Well, it’s not over yet!  Madi joins Mom, Grandma J, and Great Grandma Bev this morning for yet another road trip!  Grandma J and Great Grandma Bev continue on to St. Louis, but once again Shelly and Madi head for Sessor.  This time for Shelly’s Mom’s birthday, and then hopefully a side trip to St. Louis to see Madi’s baby cousin Sam.  Sam’s been doing very well and may be leaving the hospital in a few days so a baby shower is in the works.

Whew!  Have fun Madi.  Hope to see you tomorrow!


June 20, 2004

Well…  Madi’s dad is bach’n it this week.  Madi and mom took off for Sessor on Wednesday so Todd has had to get his “Madi fixes” over the telephone for the past few days.  We’re doing a dad’s day steak thing here for the poor lonely sole, but I’m sure it won’t be the same without a Madi neck hug.  I know it won’t be the same for Papaw!

Have a good time in Southern Illinois, Madi, and hurry on back!  We miss you!


June 14, 2004

The best part of my day happened at about 5:30 this afternoon.  Madison came to visit me at the office.  Todd’s car was ready to be picked up at the car hospital (poor thing has been ail’n for months), so Madison and Shelley came to give Todd a ride, and then decided to spend some extra time with Grandpa.  Yeah!!

Madi and Grandpa got to share some fruit chewies, draw some great pictures of Mom and Dad, and look at Madison’s new pictures on her web site.  Checkout “Madi Flag Day” on the menu to your left to see Madi in her latest patriotic poses.  We had a great time.

Grandma Linda went to the park with Madison yesterday, and despite all the heat everyone had a terrific time there too.

These little “Madi Fixes” don’t last very long though, kiddo.  Thanks for coming, Madi.  We love you!



June 6, 2004

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were completely inspired by Madi yesterday.  Madison is not yet three years old, but she has been promoted to the three year old Flip and Twist class where she appeared totally fearless performing the more advanced exercises with her new friends.  Way to go, Madi!

After an afternoon of shopping (they start younger and younger), Madi joined Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa J along with Linda and Ron Snyder to watch the Belmont Stakes where Smarty Jones failed in his bid for the triple crown.   Urrr!  But it was an exciting race anyway.

A specially prepared hot dog for Madison, as well as hamburgers and mets on the bar-b-q, were enjoyed by everyone during an absolutely wonderful evening on the deck.

Koty and Rusty (the dogs) always have a great time when Madi comes to visit.  Sad dogs a pair, however, when Madi left them home to join the ladies for a walk around the neighborhood.  Later she and Ron had a great time assembling some very challenging puzzles.  Hmm.  And Madi almost sung “The Bubble Bee Song”.

Love you, Madi!  Come visit allot!  Checkout “Mad’s Place” for a couple of new photos. 


May 22, 2004

Madi had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Mines this week.  They drove over from Sessor in order to spend

the week.  And Madi got to help Grandma M and Mom Spring clean the flower boxes around the house and plant some flowers we will all enjoy this summer.

Madi also helped Dad assemble a new computer for Great Grandma Zieman.  Both Madi and Dad really had fun doing that.  But Dad may have withdrawal anxiety when the time comes to actually make delivery.  It seems Todd has developed quite an attachment to this swanky and powerful new box.

Thanks to Dad we have some new Madi pictures to share.  Check out “Madi May 20th” on the selection menu to your left.

Love you, Madi.  Have a great weekend!





May 10, 2004

Madi’s cold is all gone, and she’s feeling so much better that she, along with her Mom and Dad, all came to visit Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in order to celebrate Mother’s day yesterday.

We fired up the grill (not necessarily an easy feat in a typical Wynds of Liberty breeze) and everyone had a feast of pork chops, hamburgers, and all the fixings.  Madi’s buddy – Koty the golden retriever – was there.  Also, Mike and Jenna’s dog – Rusty the golden retriever – was there too.  He’s just visiting while Madi’s baby cousin Sam is in the hospital getting bigger and stronger.  Madi, Koty, and Rusty all had a fun day.  And I know “Papaw and Mamaw” had a great day too.  A neck hug from Madison is all I need to make my day!






April 30, 2004

This week Madison has been fighting off that old cold and ear infection bug.  A low grade fever most of the week, and then it jumps up to over 101 degrees.  Todd tells me the medicine for this bug closely resembles toxic waste, and is BAD, BAD tasting.  Some sort of green sludge.  Yumm!  Madison is trying to determine what is the worst.  Being sick, or taking the cure.  I think the vote is already in.

Get better fast sweetheart.  We love you!


April 25, 2004

Madi, Mom, and Dad all traveled back to Southern Illinois again this past Thursday.  A sad time for the Mines’ family as Brenda’s mother (Madison’s Great Grandmother) had passed away on Wednesday.  Our condolences go out to everyone.

The following poem by Bobbie Davis helps to express our truest sentiments.

I thought I saw your face today,
in the sparkle of the morning sun.
And then I heard the angel say,
“[Her] work on earth is done.”I thought I heard your voice today,
then laugh your hearty laugh.
And then I heard the angel say,
“There’s peace dear one at last.” … Bobbie Davis
For Brenda and for all of her family, we extend our sincerest sympathies and pray that God’s peace and comfort be with you all. 




April 20, 2004

Wow!  You’ve had a pretty exciting week, haven’t you, Madi?  A raccoon came to visit right outside on your deck and Dad got pictures to prove it (check out Madi’s Friends).  From all the noise generated, Todd doesn’t think this raccoon’s relationship with the two family dogs – Buster and Ashton – is a very friendly one.  The raccoon, however, was able to escape in spite of all the growling, hissing, and snarling without too much trouble.  In fact he was so traumatized by these dangerous family beasts, that he returned the next night just to say hello and check out the local doggy dish for leftovers.

Madi sure looked great at her weekly gymnastics class.  Checkout the latest Flip & Twist pictures by clicking April 17 on the menu to the left.  In fact, for those with broadband connection speed dad Todd, with his brand new digital camera, has provided movie clips of Madison performing some amazing gymnastic feats.  Check out Movie Clips to see the next Nadia do her stuff.

You’re looking good, sweetheart!



April 15, 2004

What a great breakfast this morning. 

Todd handed me a special chocolate Easter egg that Madi had picked out just for Papa. 

Thanks kiddo.  I loved it. 

Come on guys… Chocolate for breakfast once a year isn’t so bad. J



April 14, 2004

Hi Madi.  Welcome back.  I heard you had a wonderful weekend.  And didn’t you look beautiful in your new Easter dress!

Stop by the “Madi Easter 2004” photo gallery to check out this stylish young lady.

Thanks to Madi’s dad I now have access to some early Madison pictures.  So… new Madison photo galleries will be popping-up shortly.

Glad you’re home, sweetheart. 



April 11, 2004

Happy Easter, Madi !

Madison, Mom, and Dad are all traveling this weekend.  Everyone went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Mines in Sessor.  Have a great time, Madi !  Remember now –  Grandpa Johnson likes chocolate Easter eggs – too!

Be safe, and I’ll see you soon.