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Happy Father’s Day – Pop

It was the time of the Great Depression. Mom and Dad were just married, jobs were very scarce, and money was even harder to come by. Dad had been working as a hired hand on my Grandparents farm, but those wages were not going to support his new family. So Mom took $15 dollars to get her through the winter, and Dad took off for Minnesota to the Dunwoody Institute to learn how to be a printer (lithographer). It was a tough winter for both of them, but over the next 30+ years the skills that he learned that winter raised a family.

This picture is one of very few if not the only one I’ve seen of my father “at his stone”. Before there was Kinkos, before there were copy machines, and computers, and scanners, and all the high tech gizmos we have today, my Father manually laid out the type. He ran a printing press and a linotype machine. What we take for granted today with computers and word processors he did by hand – one letter at a time.

Thanks Pop. Thanks for being there for us and thanks for being my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

Madi West Virginia Gymniks 2011

Take a look!! Madi’s on the road competing in West Virginia at a Gymniks gymnastics tournament.

Look’n good Madi !!

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Maxine On The New Health Care

I received the following “insight” from my sister-in-law via my wife this morning. I just had to share.

Happy Birthday Mom

For many folks in the Midwest and east, this is “digging out day”. Snow, ice, sleet, rain, wind… we’ve had or are having it all. In fact, enough already! But it’s not over. Right now in Cincinnati it is 28 degrees and I can hear my deck furniture blowing around outside because the wind gusts are 40 miles per hour. We had our furnace fixed a couple of weeks ago. Whew!! It was refusing to turn on. The poor thing was complaining that it had a pressure switch problem. Go figure. It seems the problems never end during the winter. At least we’re not Puxsutawney Phil. Can you image getting pulled out of your nice warm bed only to get thrust into weather like this just to see if you can see your shadow!! Are you kidding??

My mother was born on Ground Hog day in 1912 ninety-nine years ago. She always liked having her birthday on a fun national event. It was special to her, and she was very special to me. Mom was always busy when I was a kid. Farm life was tough. There was always something that needed doing, and very little time to get it all done. From very early in the morning to late in the evening, Mom’s hands were busy. The best part was when her hands tucked me in at night and she took time to listen to my prayers, or when those cool loving hands of hers held me when I was sick or hurt and made everything all better. There was always time for love. She took care of us all. Happy birthday, Mom! Miss you!

Madi at TOPs Gymnastics Meet

Madi’s gymnastics schedule keeps her and her Mom and Dad REALLY busy. Most nights during the week there is practice, practice, practice – then more practice on Saturday. But when she competes in a gymnastics meet, it gets exciting, because she gets to travel !!. She’s competed in Louisville, KY, Knoxville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, as well as, West Virginia, Columbus, OH, St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, and this year she’s going to Michigan.

When she doesn’t travel too far away, Grandma and Grandpa even get to go. Well that’s what we did this past weekend. In fact, both of Madi’s Grandmas and Grandpas were able to watch her compete this weekend. This competition was sponsored by TOPs (stands for Talent Opportunity Program). There were hundreds of gymnasts from all over competing this weekend at a huge convention center that was only about an hour away from home. Well… An hour away for the Johnsons. A good bit farther away for the Mines, but they braved the trip anyway and had a great time watching Madi do her stuff.

And Madi did super!! She took first place in her age group on the Balance Beam with a score of 9.25. Way to go, Madi !!!

Trophy Time!!

Happy Birthday Grandma J

Even at age 6, Sam realizes the need for multi-tasking. 🙂

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Thanks for the great birthday present, Sam. Love you!!

Grandma J